Confidentiality of Student Records
  • All information contained in the student files will be kept confidential unless otherwise stated in writing by the parent or legal guardian. The student files will be accessible to the office assistant, principal, teachers, pastors, and parents.
    Curriculum Guide
  • St. Philip’s Lutheran School follows a Curriculum Guide that presents philosophies and content to be covered in each of the major subject areas.  This booklet is available upon request.
    Daily Schedule
  •                 7:00AM                                 School Doors Open – Breakfast Begins
                    7:40AM                                 Breakfast Ends
                    8:00AM                                 Classes Begin
                    11:10AM                                Lunch Period Begins
                    12:45PM                                Lunch Period Ends
                    3:30PM                                  Classes End
                    3:35PM                                  Study Hall Begins
                    3:45PM                                  After school Care Begins
                    4:30PM                                  Study Hall, After-School Care Ends
                    4:30PM                                  Sports Practices End
    Dismissal Procedures & Student Pick Up
  • Please note all students in Grades K4 – 8 will be dismissed through the front doors. When school is dismissed there is to be no loitering in or around school. Parents, please be punctual both in bringing your children to school and in picking them up.
    In order to assure that your child has been picked up safely after school, please inform the school of the people who will be picking up your child during the year.  If these names change, inform the office immediately.  On a day when your child will be getting a ride with someone new, please contact the office prior to 2:00 pm.
    Emergency Contact Information
  • It is extremely important that St. Philip’s always have the parent/guardian’s accurate and up-to-date phone numbers.
    Before the school year begins, Emergency Contact information will be filled out on the registration form. This information needs to always be complete, accurate and up-to-date. If your child becomes sick, is injured or is not at school, we need to be able to contact you or a designated emergency contact person immediately to ensure your child’s well being and the health of the other children. The emergency information must include at least two local telephone numbers of people who will be responsible and authorized to care for the child when the parent is not available. Your child will not be allowed to be taken home by any unauthorized adults.
    Emergency Plan
  • In recent years administrators have had to develop a plan for emergency building closings for reasons other than a fire or tornado.  In case of an emergency, teachers will keep all children in the classrooms away from the door with the door locked until the threat has passed or other emergency action has been implemented.  The goal of such shut down is to provide for the safety and security of the children.  If the building has to be evacuated, the children will be kept in a secure environment, possibly the church, until such time as they can be sent home safely.

    St. Philip’s Lutheran School has emergency plans in place for fires, tornadoes, and dangerous intruders.  However, during these hazardous times, a school must have plans for other emergency situations.  An Emergency Plan has been established for St. Philip’s Lutheran School and is on file in the school office.
    Field Trips
  • Throughout the year students will be able to go on various field trips.  Our goal is that such trips will enhance classroom learning experiences.
    Grade Placement and Promotion
  • Promotion from one grade to the next at the end of each year will be based on the yearly achievements of the student in each subject covered throughout the course of that school year.  A student may be promoted at the end of the year to the next level but required to repeat a specific subject again (ex: promoted to the fourth grade, but will repeat third grade math in the upcoming school year).  Grade advancement is generally unproductive when a student is not experiencing academic success.  Retention, however, must be used cautiously, as it can be counterproductive when it demoralizes the student.  When a child is demonstrating a lack of social skills or physical maturity, retention can be very successful.  In cases where the student is predominantly immature for his/her present grade level, retaining them will allow the student to interact, bond and compete with students that are at the same level of maturity in a natural and uninhibited manner.
    Grievance Policy
  • In the event that an unfortunate situation arises that cannot be resolved, St. Philip’s Lutheran School has established a grievance policy based on Matthew 18.  First, parents should privately confer with the teacher or teachers involved.  If after diligent efforts, the situation remains unresolved, parents and teachers should bring the matter to the principal.  Then, if there is still no satisfaction, the problem should be brought before the pastor.  Finally, if necessary, the matter will be brought before the Board of Education and all aforementioned parties will work together to find a God-pleasing solution.  Please note that all of these steps should occur outside of normal classroom hours.
    Illness/Illness During School
  •  Illness
    If your child is ill, please do not send them to school. Please notify the school (414) 263-7614 by calling the school office before 9:00 a.m.
    Illness during School Hours
    If a child becomes ill or injured during the school day and is not well enough to stay in class, the parent/guardian will be called to pick the child up. It is necessary to have updated emergency contact numbers on file in the school office in case no one can be contacted at home.
  • State law (140.5 Wisconsin Statutes) requires that all children entering an elementary school in Wisconsin for the first time be immunized against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, varicella, and hepatitis B. Certification of these requirements must be on file in the school office and can be waived only if a properly signed health or religious exemption form is filed with the school. The law also gives the right to exclude from school attendance students who fail to meet the immunization requirements. Up-to-date records must be on file at St. Philip’s by the first day of school. Please contact your doctor or the city health department to make arrangements for having your child immunized.
    Lost and Found
  • Lost or found items should be reported to the school office. Lost and found items will be stored in the secretary’s office. Items not claimed will be discarded.
    Mandatory Reporting of Suspected Abuse
  • The teachers and principal of St. Philip’s Lutheran School are required by law to report incidents of suspected sexual, emotional, physical, or other abuse and neglect to the proper authorities. Under this law, parents are not to be notified of the report.
    Medical / Health Policies and Procedures
  • The faculty and staff have been trained to take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of all individuals.  First aid materials are available in the school to treat students in cases of emergency.  Parents should inform the office of any special needs that their child might have (asthma, anemia).  Any medication that needs dispensing requires a parental consent form permitting the office to dispense the medication and a description of how the medication is to be dispensed from the doctor or pharmacist.
    Complete information on Registration Day regarding work numbers and other individuals to contact in case of an emergency is critical!  Should this information change over the course of the school year, please contact the school office to update your records.
  • Medication will be administered to a student only with the parent(s) or guardians permission given in writing.  Please be specific with the permission as to who may administer the medication, the exact dosage, and the time the medication should be given.  Children are never to have prescription medication stored in their desks.  Over-the-counter medication such as aspirin may not be given to any student by teachers or staff without permission.
    Newsletter and Communication
  • A school newsletter is sent home each Wednesday in a red folder with the youngest student in each family. This newsletter highlights important dates and information about the school year. Parents should look for this newsletter folder each week.  Please return the red folder the following day for us to reuse the next week. Other avenues are also utilized for communication. St. Philip’s also has a website: www.stphilipsmilwaukee.com.  These are great ways to stay in connected to the general happenings at
    St. Philip’s.
  • Research shows that learning is affected by what children eat.  Excessive amounts of sugar can have an extremely negative effect on a child's ability to concentrate.  Candy wrappers, gum, and chip bags also have a tendency to wind up as litter.  Therefore, the following rules will be in place during normal school hours:
    1. No eating on school grounds or in the building during school hours except during designated lunch times.
    2. No gum chewing at any time.
    3. No soda or candy except for special classroom treats.
    Students are not to eat food or drink beverages in the halls before or after school as well as during school hours. Glass containers should not be brought to school.
    Parent Orientation Meeting
  • Before the start of each school year or shortly thereafter, Parent Orientation Meetings are held for parents. These meetings allow the school to talk about specific points with parents before the school year begins and the classroom teacher to introduce themselves to the parents. These meetings are mandatory and if you are unable to attend one of the dates you should contact the principal or classroom teacher to arrange for an alternate time.
    Parent &Teacher Communication
  • Parents can help teachers with their planning and help their child(ren) develop responsibility and learning by attempting to plan dentist and doctor appointments (and other appointments as well) outside the regular confines of the school day.
    With open and honest communication, daily prayer, and reliance on God’s Word, we will always seek to resolve difficult situations in a God-pleasing way.  To this end, we believe that scriptural principles will be observed that will assist us in communicating positively.  Let us always attempt to avoid open criticism of others.  Jesus tells us in Matthew 18 to gently and lovingly take up issues of contention with the offending party.  We should also avoid gossip and hearsay.  Try to get all the facts before coming to judgment.
    As soon as problems arise, contact your child’s teacher.  Many times things can be resolved with less anger and frustration if the problems are dealt with swiftly.  Problems have a way of festering and getting worse the longer they sit without solution.  We are here to serve our families.  The more we speak together the better we will be!  Don’t hesitate to call us.
    Parents should try to privately confer with the teacher or teachers involved.  If after diligent efforts, the situation remains unresolved, parents and teachers should bring the matter to the principal.  Then, if there is still no satisfaction, the problem should be brought before the pastor.  Finally, if necessary, the matter will be brought before the Board of Education for due process and all the aforementioned parties will work together to find a God-pleasing solution.  Please note that all of these steps should occur outside of normal classroom hours.
    Parental Access to the Classroom
  • Parents are welcome and encouraged to participate in daily activities at the school. Parents may also observe their children’s classes provided that the observation is scheduled in advance or the parent(s) has received permission from an administrator to observe the class. The school administration is committed to providing teachers with advanced notice of guests in the classroom. This is done not only as a courtesy to teachers but also to ensure that the educational process is not disrupted.
  • In keeping with God's Word and will, stealing the school work of others will not be tolerated. A student may receive a failing mark if plagiarism is proven or if another student's assignment is deliberately copied in part or whole. If there is suspicion of a student's plagiarism, the teacher has a right to demand an assignment be redone.
    Students, who are involved in plagiarism, whether they are copying the material or voluntarily supplying the material, are subject to disciplinary action.
    Policy Regarding Potentially Contagious Conditions
  • According to state law, it is unlawful for the school to publicly inform parents of a potentially contagious condition that may or may not exist in a classroom setting without the expressed permission of the parent(s) and/or direct order from the Health Department of the State of Wisconsin.  These situations are handled in the following manner.  Once it is determined that a student may in fact have some contagious condition (ex: pink eye, ring worm), they cannot return to school unless they can produce a written slip showing that the potentially contagious condition is under a doctor’s care and poses no health risk to others.
    Pursuing Excellence
  • St. Philip’s Lutheran School has high expectations for the academic and behavioral performance of its students.  We continually strive to raise the bar and then work tirelessly to remove any and all obstacles that might impede student learning.  Students are expected to complete assignments with passing grades (or better!).   If a student does not pass a specific assignment, they are expected to re-do the assignment until they demonstrate mastery of the skill or concept.
    We also expect that students in our school demonstrate growth as individuals.  We expect that as they move through the grades we see evidence of their Christian character in all that they say and do. 
    Recess / Physical Education
  • Physical activity is an important aspect in every person’s life.  Each class will have opportunities throughout the week to participate in both recess and physical education.  Remaining physically active in life is imperative to live a high quality life.  For this reason, St. Philip’s Lutheran School believes each child needs a form of physical activity within a day. 
    Students participating in their physical education classes and recess are expected to follow the same rules that apply in the classroom and athletic settings.  Christian behavior must be exhibited at all times.  Each child must respect one another and his/her capabilities.  Students are expected to develop leadership skills, social skills, emotional skills, and physical skills.  To aid in better serving these needs, classes will be highly structured.  Unless a medical excuse has been given to the teacher, all students are required to participate in these activities.  
    Report Cards and Conferences
  • Report cards are issued at the end of each quarter. Report cards are not mailed out during the year.  It is the responsibility of the parent(s) to come to the report card conference and meet with the teacher to collect the report card. Conferences are scheduled for the end of the first, second and third quarters.  Parents are required to participate in these conferences.  Failure to do so will be considered as a possible reason to deny enrollment for the following school year.  Conferences are excellent forums for candid discussions between parents and teachers about their child’s progress.  Parents are strongly encouraged to talk with the teachers and staff regularly.
    If a student is ever in danger of failing a class, the parents will be notified in time to remedy the situation.  It is the responsibility of the parent(s) and the child to make sure all class requirements are promptly and satisfactorily met.  Parents are encouraged to contact the appropriate teacher at any time with questions on classes, assignments, and grades.
    Please note:  Final report cards will be withheld if any amount is owed to the church or school for tuition, hot lunch, lost books, damaged equipment, or after school fees.  The final report card will be held in the school office pending full payment.
    School Closings
  • Emergency closings are announced on radio station AM 620 WTMJ/TMJ4.  St. Philip’s Lutheran School is automatically closed if the Milwaukee Public Schools are closed for snow or cold.  Please do not call school to inquire if school is closed.  Listen to the radio or TV!  Once the school day has begun, classes will be conducted for the remainder of the school day except in the case of extreme emergency.  In case of bad weather, parents/guardians may pick up their children early if necessary.

    School Lunches
  • Research shows that learning is affected by what children eat. In consideration of the recommendations of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction nutritional guidelines, lunches that may be brought from home are expected to be nutritionally balanced. They may not have soda or candy in them. Parents and children are responsible for the proper care of food that is brought from home.
    School Pictures
  • School pictures will be taken each year, generally in the fall. A professional school photography company takes the pictures, which you may purchase if you desire.
    School Security
  • School security is of the utmost importance for both the physical safety of students and the teaching and learning environment of the class. Parents and guardians are welcome to enter the building in the morning between 7:30 AM and 8:00 AM as the students enter the building. Between 8:00 AM and 3:45 PM all parents must stop at the front office and check in with the secretary. If a parent needs to talk with their child or a teacher the secretary is able to contact the classroom. We ask that parents not enter the school hallways or room during the school day or visit their child’s classroom without the permission of the secretary, administrator, or teacher.
    School & Student Telephone Use
  • School telephones are available for student use only in case of emergency.  A teacher or staff member must give permission before a student is allowed to make a call.  Calling parents for forgotten homework, lunches left on the counter, permission to go to a friend's home, or gym clothes is not considered an emergency.  Children may use the telephone if the school has changed its schedule affecting after school activities.  Planning ahead is the best word of advice for reducing the number of telephone calls made by students.

    Students must have permission from a staff person to use the phone and will be charged $.50 for each student-initiated call.  Students will not be allowed to use the phone to request that someone bring practice attire, forgotten homework, unplanned lunches, make new transportation arrangements, and so on.
    Singing In Church
  • Usually once a month classrooms of children will be invited to sing for Sunday services at St. Philip’s Lutheran Church. Parents will be notified through the children and school newsletter of such occasions. Please receive the invitation and encouragement to worship regularly with your child. "I rejoiced with those who said to me, 'Let us go to the house of the Lord.'" (Psalm 122:1)
    Students are to wear their school uniform when they are scheduled to sing in church. 
    Sleep & Regular Bedtime
  • Proper rest is very important for a child's learning capacity.  It is recommended that elementary school children get at least ten hours of sleep on school nights.  If your child has difficulty getting up every morning it may be an indication that he/she is not getting enough sleep.  A regular bedtime needs to be enforced.  It may be preceded by quiet reading time which helps the child relax rather than by watching television which leads to restlessness.
    Student Honors
  • Honor Roll: Any student who achieves a grade point average of 3.00 or better in the six core subjects (Religion, Reading, Math, English, Social Studies and Science) for a given quarter will be placed on the Honor Roll.
    Students Talking on the Telephone
  • Most children like to talk to their friends on the telephone.  This can be a problem if they talk for long periods of time (more than 15 minutes), and if they make negative comments about fellow students and teachers.  Some students have become very abusive over the telephone.  Others have found it easy to get homework answers from a friend.  Parents/guardians, please set up some guidelines as to the length of calls and hours when calls are permitted. 
    Study Hall
  • Study hall is available for students in grades 1 through 8 who may need extra help getting their work done.  Study hall is held on Monday through Thursday from 3:30 – 4:30PM.  There is no study hall on Friday or on the day before a scheduled day off.  Parents must make prior arrangements with the child’s teacher before the student may stay.  Students will be expected to stay until 4:30PM if they are in study hall.  This will allow for an orderly, quiet study time for all students.  Our classroom teachers supervise study hall in their own classrooms.
  • Textbooks are provided free of charge by St. Philip’s for a variety of subjects. These textbooks are valuable and it is vital that your child treat them with care and respect. If a textbook is lost or ruined, we ask that the parent pay the replacement cost for that book.
    The Use of Media and Technology
  • St. Philip’s Lutheran School recognizes that technology is an integral part of our society.  Each classroom works to incorporate technology into their curriculum and daily classroom activities throughout the school year.  The computers located in the building contain a variety of software that the teachers use to emphasize the practice of basic skills and as an incentive to encourage students to complete work.  When students are using the Internet, they will be supervised at all times.  Students misusing the Internet can be suspended and/or dismissed from the school.  Students are not allowed to log onto any chat rooms without prior consent from the classroom teacher.
    Students may checkout books to read at home from the teacher’s collections in each classroom and the school library.   Responsibility is required on behalf of the student to return the book in the same condition it was taken and return it in a timely fashion.  Any child not abiding by this rule will be asked to replace or repair the book.