Policies for Admission into St. Philip’s Lutheran School

Open enrollment for the Milwaukee School Parental Choice program for the school year will begin on the 1st of every month and will continue through the end of the day on the 20th. Please respond on a timely basis if you are interested in enrolling your child or children at St. Philip’s Lutheran School for the school year.

Residency information is required.
Income information is NOT required for returning students.
Please call Mrs. Allard in the school office at 263-7614 or 659-4788 with
questions or for a new student application. New students (even if they have a sibling already enrolled) must have their own application with income and residency information. Thank you!

Policies for Admission into St. Philip’s Lutheran School
St. Philip’s Lutheran School exists to serve any and all children who have the ability to attend a mainstream classroom.  St. Philip’s Lutheran School will work to meet the needs of all children.  St. Philip’s Lutheran School has accepted many students who have been determined to be “challenged” in a typical classroom setting.  Many of these children who were not experiencing success at other schools are flourishing at St. Philip’s Lutheran School.  We must also acknowledge that while we make every attempt to serve all children, some children may best be served by other institutions.
Policies for Enrollment of MPCP Students
                Enrollment of Milwaukee Parental School Choice Students hinges on the family’s eligibility for school vouchers as established by the state and local governing bodies.  In situations where multiple applications are submitted for a limited number of seats in a classroom, a lottery will occur.  All names will be entered into a drawing in which each child has an equal opportunity to be chosen. The choosing of a name(s) in the drawing determines which student(s) will obtain a seat at St. Philip’s Lutheran School.
A child must be at least four (for K4) and be at least five (for K5) years of age by September 1st.  A birth certificate is necessary for proof of age.  Necessary forms must be completed and non-refundable tuition paid if applicable.
First grade students entering St. Philip’s Lutheran School are required by the MPCP guidelines to be six years old by September 1st of that calendar year.  Proof of age through the form of a birth certificate must be submitted with the application.